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Tartary Buckwheat Tea - Insoluble Soba Cha by Todicamp - Diabetic Tea - Kidney Tea - Blood Pressure Tea - Pregnancy Tea - Caffeine Free Tea - Collagen Tea - Antiaging Tea - Liver Detox Tea -97servings

  •  RICH COMPOSITION - Rich in natural collagen, vitamins A, B, E, PP, macro and microelements, rutin, cellulose and flavonoids will repair and strenghten yor hair and skin.
  •  DETOX TEA - All kinds of detox programs have become incredibly popular in recent years. Only a few people know that buckwheat tea is simply created to become their centerpiece. It activates the processes of hematopoiesis, cleanses the kidneys and liver, accelerates blood flow and metabolic processes, helping to eliminate toxins.
  •  DIABETIC TEA- the buckwheat tea helps to maintain normal blood glucose levels and reduces the risk of developing diabetes. The buckwheat tea, which is a glucodown diabetic tea significantly alleviates the symptoms of diabetics with any diagnosis.
  •  LIVER HEALTH - With so many vitamins, amino acids, enzymes in buckwheat tea composition that contribute to the general cleaning and detoxing the body, buckwheat tea will become an indispensable assistant to the main filter of our body - the liver. Its hepatoprotective properties are enhanced by rutin and ferulic acid.
  •  PREGNANCY TEA - Great news for expectant mothers: symptoms of toxicosis can and should be fought without the slightest harm (on the contrary, with benefit) for the baby. To do this, you just need to brew Tartary Buckwheat Tea in granules every morning and enjoy its amazing taste.

    The rutin found in Buckwheat is extremely helpful in preventing type 2 diabetes when used with novel strategies and is able to reduce the concentration of glucose in blood.

    In comparison to many whole grains, this super garin is very low on the glycemic index. By preventing a suddden spike in blood sugar, this nutritious seed helps with diabetes managment and may improve insulin resistance.

    For every cup served, the Buckwheat Tea provides the body with a big amount of dietary fiber. It helps to keep food moving smoothly through the digestive tract.

    The buckwheat tea helps to reduce inflammation and lower LDL, or "bad cholesterol" levels, whis is very important for maintaining heart health.

Customer Reviews

Based on 9 reviews

Loooove it

Tony Lopez
Excellent Taste

Received item.

Thank you.

Sunnie Pierre
Granules Do Not Dissolve

first time purchase , sipping as i write review
Hope to have health benefits stated
mild taste, needed no sugar or honey but still it's preference
disappointed granules didnt dissolved had to strain
or use a diffuser

Vladimir Pronoza
Thanks for the pleasure!

For several days now we have been drinking this tea and understand that we will buy it again and again. I read the information about it and realized how healthy it is, and the taste is just wonderful. Thanks for the pleasure!

Max S.
Good taste

Tasted very good and quality looks nice

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