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TODICAMP - Green Walnut Tincture 115ml - Anti-Inflammatory Effect - Natural Body Cleansing - Immunity Strengthening - Organic Iodine

TODICAMP® Extract is made based on a safe distillate, which guarantees its fastest possible penetration into cells and an accelerated positive effect. The extract contains:

  • Vitamins (bind free radicals in cells, increasing the efficiency of metabolic processes, and bringing closer the moment of recovery).
  • Cobalt salts (participate in hematopoiesis, strengthen the endocrine system, optimize metabolic processes, and restore the normal structure of living cells).
  • Juglone blocks the growth of pathologic cells and prevents the appearance of newly damaged cell structures.
  • Anthocyanins (destroy the cells affected by the disease, preventing disease spreading);
  • Organic iodine supports the activity of the thyroid gland and prevents diseases of the hormone-producing gland.

Todicamp®Extract is a product with the combined effect that immediately gives 8 important results:

  • Rejuvenation.
  • Active longevity.
  • Increases the body's resistance to external factors of negative impact (microbes, fungi, viruses, toxins).
  • Anti-inflammatory effect.
  • Anti-stress product.
  • Anti-edematous action.
  • Natural cleansing of the body from parasites. The extract is a unique antiparasitic agent, effective against many parasites that resist most of the known analogs (including echinococcus).
  • Restoration of the body, strengthening of immunity (natural and acquired).




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