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TODIMIN® - Vitamin B15 - Pangamic Acid - Antitoxic Agent - Bioprotective Supplement - Anti-Aging Effect - Promotes Support at the Cellular Level.

The main beneficial properties of B15, as objectively demonstrated:

  • A noticeable reduction in fat and cholesterol in tissues and blood;
  • Prevention of liver tissue degeneration into fatty tissue;
  • Oxygen nutrition of cells and tissues (improved tissue respiration);
  • Acceleration of oxidative processes (excretion of toxins, decay products from the body);
  • Effective blood purification;

The liver and blood benefit the most from consuming pangamic acid-based dietary supplements. The first is protected from obesity, the negative effects of excess cholesterol, and degenerative processes. Blood counts improve significantly when B15 levels are monitored on a regular basis.

In addition to effective protection of the major vital organs, it has a positive complex effect that includes:

  • elimination of hypoxia - oxygen deprivation of tissues;
  • lipid metabolism adjustment; protein metabolism regulation at the cellular level;
  • activation of the production of deoxyribonucleic and ribonucleic acids;
  • accelerated regeneration of cells and tissues owing to their active continual supply of oxygen;
  • an increase in the cell life cycle;
  • prevention of muscle and blood vessel spasms;
  • correction of immunological responses (strengthening of immunity, prevention or suppression of allergic manifestations).
B15 is involved in the development of muscle glycogen reserves, which aids in the maintenance of a healthy body. Taking pangamic acid-based dietary supplements boosts a person's activity and performance, allowing them to more readily tolerate periods of seasonal vitamin deficiency and recover faster following therapy.

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Breathing easy.

The main use for me is enabling the red blood cells to carry oxygen more efficiently. It works well with COPD.

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